Pianorunner  121 x 15 cm

Design Sister Judith      

Worked by Anneke Reijs

 Withof Duchesse is a contemporary lace, whose development is still going on.

Sister Judith is the originator of the Withof Duchesse.

She taught her students the Sluis Duchesse and  encouraged them to make changes in the technique when it made the lace nicer. Sister Judith changed her patterns to fit the new ideas.

When the Duchesse designed and worked by Sister Judith and her students became too far from the original Sluis Duchesse it needed a name of its own and that was 'Withof' after the convent Sister Judith lived in.

Picture of Sister Judith teaching just weeks before her 100th birthday. 

Withof is officially acknowledged as a new Lace form. At first by the Belgian Lace Authority Paul Verstraete.

Withof is as such mentioned in the book 'Lace at its Best', Brugge 1990












by Anneke Reijs